Attention: Travelers of Infinite Being, World Servers,
Light Workers, Spiritual Teachers, Shamans, Healers,
Authors, Speakers, Artists, and Heart Centered

Your Time Has Come!
This is the opportunity you have been LONGING
Waiting for at the deepest core of your being beyond
memory…Your Presence Is Needed at This Galactic
Alignment Once in A 26,000 Years!

Are You Ready?
To Be Awakened Instantly! To Be Healed Completely!
To Remember Energetically Who You Truly Are!
To Break Free once for All! To Gain Your Illumination!
To Complete Your Mission Here on Earth!

It Is Your Time to Receive!
The Galactic Core Energy of Oneness,
So, You Can Fully Step into the Light of
Your Being as a Holder of This NEW Energy of
Pure Love and Light for Humanity and Planet Earth!

It Is Your Time to Let Go of Your Concerns!
Trust That as You Dance with This Galactic Core
Energy of Oneness, Your Mission and Purpose Comes to
You Rather You Have to Chase It and Everything You
Need and Infinite More Will Show up in Your Life
Effortlessly and Perfectly!

It Is Your Time to Re-Claim Your Divine Gifts!
There Isn’t Anything Else You Need to Learn or to
Know, Rather to Awakening to What You Already Know
within! You Were Born with All the Skills You Need to
Accomplish Your Mission!

Be Your Soul…Ignite Your Passion…
Radiate Your Light…Express Your Divinity…
Fulfill Your Mission... Easily and Joyfully!

This Is An Rare Opportunity of Lifetime,
ONLY Occurs in A 26,000 Years That
You Don’t Want to Miss!

This Galactic Illumination Celebration Is
Your DOORWAY to Your Next Level of Spiritual
Advancement and Your Opportunity to Fulfill the
Highest Path of Your Soul’s Purpose and Mission!!!

THIS IS A SOUL Group/Family,
YOU ARE BEING Called to Be Activated Spiritually
and Permanently, Receive the Transmission of this
Galactic Energy of ONENESS and the Seeds of Re-birthing
Divine-Human into New Age of LIGHT - Your HEART and SOUL

Dear Traveler of Infinite Being,

It is with my greatest honor to be called to host this Galactic Illumination Concert and Awakening Celebration Retreat and invite you to celebrate with me on this rare opportunity of your lifetime, to dance with the divine, to receive the healing, nurturing, illumination, initiation, awakening, and re-birthing the divine feminine that is within the fabric of your being (whether you are women or man) and re-birthing the “divine humanity” for bring the reality of new earth and new humanity into being here and now. At the depth of your being, you know if you needed to show up at this Galactic Gathering that only occur once in 26,000 years! (You came to earth with this contract of your soul to show up and to serve our Creator, God Father and Mother!)

My love for you and for humanity is beyond my mental capacity, reasoning, and understanding. It is deepen within my soul and this is my calling of this lifetime, as if I am a mother to all, just ike my beloved Kuan Yin Busa and all of the divine feminine and divine mothers. I assume you feel the same way deepen within your being. Your soul and my soul share very similar, yet unique signature vibration that is the core of our being and essence.

If you are wondering or feeling:

This could be your soul’s way of guiding you to search solution for your life’s experience and leading you here. If this feels right within your heart and in your body then you are at the right time and right place. Please continue…

I can feel you are carrying the weight on your shoulder for all the pains, sufferings, lacks, tears, heartbroken, struggles, and destructions of humanity and the pain, lack, and struggle of your loved ones, and yourself. It is a time to drop it all and fill your heart, your body, your emotions, your mind, and your entire being with pure and unconditional divine love and light. This is your TIME to be taken care of, loved, nurtured, healed, energized, and freed, so you can be the light, lead the way, enlighten the path for those who seek the light and those who will follow your light, and those who will receive your activation and transmission of the light.

This Galactic Illumination Concert and Awakening Celebration Retreat is a rare opportunity of your lifetime, occurring once in a 26,000 years, to receive permanent activation and transmission to prepare you for holding the new energy and light that is available now for humanity and planet earth and to prepare you for living as an “divine-human”, the multidimensional and infinite being this is YOU!

It is your greatest honor to be called for joining this Galactic Illumination Concert And Awakening Celebration Retreat for your commitment to serve humanity and planet earth and for your light, your love, your consciousness, and your soul’s signature vibration this is needed now for bringing healing, peace and enlightenment to humanity and planet earth .

If you are new to me, my name is YinPing Li (Ping Li) with many labels, known as voice of Kuan Yin, embodiment of divine feminine, holder of ancient secrets, and an awakened spiritual master teacher, healer, intuitive, author, singer, and mentor.

Let me share a bit of myself so you know where I have been and how I have arrived here. I was born and raised in China. In my twenties, I came to America with my husband with borrow money for my one way ticket, hardly speak any English, no money in the pocket, no relatives no friends and no contacts.

In my thirties, I had arrived to a place I thought I had achieved my America Dream. I seemed always showed up at the right place and at the right time. Everything I did became successful. I had graduated with Master Degree in Mathematics and had very successful career as an Actuary. Also, had built 7 figure home based business in just short few years. …

But, in my forties, I lost it all! I lost not only my business, my confidence, my success, and my identity of who I am. I was heartbroken, angry, ashamed, lonely, lost in the void, deeply in pain, and divested.

First time in my life, I went into the deepest of my being crying for help and its assistance for the TRUTH of who I am, why I am here on earth, what’s my purpose, and how I can be happy and joyful without condition. This was the beginning of my journey of awakening, and enlightening, from totally heartbroken and deep pain to divine love, and much more.

Throughout the event, I will share my personal journey with you. The lessons I have learned, and the insights I have gained along the way. As well as major decisions I have made that have altered my life forever, and much more...

Why We Created This “Galactic Illumination
and Awakening Celebration Retreat”

LIVE Event

You might ask, why I decided to host this Galactic Illumination event.

Galactic Illumination Event

As if this Galactic Illumination Galactic Illumination event dropped to my hands from heaven. And it is exactly that. It was not the creation of the mind or the ego. It was not the creation of any reason other than following the vision that was shown to me on the date of July 22, 2012 out of nowhere. It pups into my mind’s eye and it feels so deeply in my heart and I knew this is divinely given, this is my mission, and I had to follow without any conditions or negotiations.

It almost feel like the voice deepen within me says, “This is what you need to do!” and then it says again, “This is what you need to do!”, and again and again…It didn’t give you anything more than this. Can you rely to this? Right? It didn’t give you explanations like the ego or the mind would do, right?

Yes, I did, I found myself right in Sedona, Arizona, looking for a venue place. First time in my life, travel to any destination without a written agenda! It was quite a scarring thing to do, right? Yes, it was! But, when I drove up and close to Enchantment Resort I knew I had to be here. The presence of these red rocks was magnificent. I saw Ascended Masters, temples, and humanity’s civilizations of amazing spiritual heights within these amazing red rocks. At that moment, I knew it will be the place to hold my Galactic Illumination Concert and Awakening Celebration Retreat and it felt so good deepen within my heart. My heart filled with joy and was so glad I did follow my instinct to show up here. As a special treat from the divine, I met about 200 Chinese who were there for their Spiritual Retreat right in the Enchantment Resort and was invited to join them the last day of their event and even up on stage. What a present surprise!

This will be an event of no other! It is because this is during the date of the Galactic Alignment date on December 21, 2012. This is specifically guided for this “Galactic Illumination” to be taken place to tap into this galactic core energy for healing, awakening, initiation, and spiritual activation and advancement that otherwise could take you years, decades, and even lifetime to accomplish. This galactic energy alignment will only happen once in every 26,000 years! This is your time! And you don’t want to MISS this rare opportunity of your lifetime! If you are reading this right now, you are definitely guided by your guides, your heart and your soul.

So, what will be your rewards for showing up?

It is intended for you divinely and galactically to raise your vibration and connect you deeper than you have ever been within your own being. Know that the higher you go energetically and the deeper you connected with your true essence, the easier you can accomplish anything you are guided to do!

The major theme of this gathering celebration is to re-leasing, re-programming, re-organizing, re-juvenating, re-energizing, re-remembering, re-awakening, and re-seeding. Re-leasing all that are no longer severing physically, emotionally, mentally, an energetically, and spiritually. Re-programming your cellular structure and your DNA to hold higher vibration and light. Re-aligning you energetically to the infinite Source. Re-awakening you to your true essence of who you really are. Re-seeding you with the seed of new race of humanity that is in alignment with the new galactic core energy of Oneness, and much more…

This is NOT an event of learning more INFORMATION. It is ALL about doing the processes and journeys with the assistance of the Galactic Core energy of Oneness and with your guides, angles archangel’s, ascended masters, Goddess, Kun Yin Busa, and many other high being of light,,,

Here is a sample of what you are going to
receive and experience

Welcome Night – Thursday 12.20.2012

A Soul dancing reception night!




This is a night you will dance with all your heart and soul like no other night! Shake your body, loosen your body, and awaken your body! Allow your body to flow with beautiful angelic healing music. It is intended for you to bring your awareness and focus from your mind down into your body and your heart. Help you grounded physically deep into mother earth.

You might not aware that how long has your body been vacant without the “owner” or the “master” being and living in this magic “house”, your body! And this will change forever! Your body can only be healed by this “Master”, your spirit, your soul, or your higher self.

This will relax your mind and your body and get you ready to receive your magnificent clearing, releasing, healing, rejuvenating, reprogramming at your cellular level!

Of course, there are more…not to mention the FUN you are going to have that will be remembered forever!

Day – Friday 12.21.2012

A magnificent day of receiving Galactic Core Energy of Oneness for clearing, healing, nurturing, and awakening your heart and your body!


Your body is a magic being and temple for your soul and your higher self. It has consciousness and with great wisdom. Each and every part of your body and each and every cell of your body know, remember, and have a cycle of re-birth. It is your largest and greatest piece of antenna for connecting to the invisible world of divine and for receiving messages beyond your conscious mind from the realm of unconscious, the source of the universe. It is like a built in compass knows exactly how to guide you to your “home” where you came from as a sparkle of divine, child of father and mother God!

It is a time to give your body the love, respect, honor it deserves and it craves. So, you can heal your body completely and allow it to guide you for this greatest adventure you are here on earth to embark and allow it to support you for accomplishing your mission with ease. Yes, no more struggle!

Here is a sample list of what you will be experiencing and receiving:

There is nothing to learn that is “new” to your knowing within. All this will be happening in the moment and experienced and felt within the depth of your heart. It is not information you are going to learn and apply them when you go back to your home. Your transformation happens spontaneously right there and then.

Your body will be loved than it never has been and it will start to do its magic for you! Yes, it is indeed that you are capable of creating real magic for your body and your reality easier than you thought!

Yes, as I promised to you, I will be sharing with you a secret that many don’t know about how to truly once for all heal your body!

Day Galactic Illumination Concert Night

A concert beyond this world of reality – A Galactic Celebration of ONENESS!


This is a concert I have been waiting for, for you and for me! This will be a concert beyond my wildest dream! This is to my greatest surprises thus far with complete delight in my heart and soul. This will be a concert celebration beyond earthly reality through all dimensions and realms joint by all beings in the galaxy, beings of light, angels, archangels, divine mothers, Goddesses, Ascended masters, all divine helpers, your guides, Mother and Father God!

The music art is very ancient tool. It is universal language. It beacons the body and the heart immediately without any delay. It bypasses one’s logical, limited, and linear mind’s judgments, reasoning, and mental blockage for spontaneous heart awakening, nurturing, healing and your physical and emotional body and your heart and your soul.

Yes, you are going to singing with me toning with me and allow all the vibration of love and light fills your heart and your souls and receiving the Galactic Core Energy of Oneness into the fiber of your being for re-birthing your multi-dimensional being.

You will be shifted and illuminated vibrationally beyond your thinking capacity beyond words. You might say this is impossible for this good, this massive, this extraordinary to happen to me in this short amount of the time. Yes, this is from your mind. But, yes, indeed dear one, healing does not require time. And I will be sharing with you the secret of complete healing to your body, mind, and your emotions! And you will be delighted in its simplicity and its magical transformation for you.

Day – Saturday 12.22.2012

A day of delight and saying “YES” to the universe for fulfilling your most important yet most basic human needs that is critical for fully STEP into the God/Goddess that IS YOU – to experience and express the pure love, joy, and beauty in each moment of your life!


What is you can truly speaking your heart, freely saying, “YES!” or “NO!” without any obligation and concern of whether or not if other people will still “LOVE”, “LIKE”, or “ACCEPTING” YOU!

What if you can act on your heart’s guidance and desire freely and effortlessly without any concern whether or not you will be able to afford it or not and without fear or worry whether this will work for you or not, or if it is safe for me?

What if you can have total confidence and control of your life and your destiny without your ego or mind’s control of how things should look like or show up in advance before you take action or step?

What if you have complete freedom to do, be, and have what your heart deeply desires and guided for you?

This is your birthright! It is totally up to your choice! Yes, it is a matter of choice! You can have anything you desire, of course, that is for the highest good of all, if you just believe it! It is the power of your “Free Will.”

In order to have the freedom to choose exactly what you want with the power of your free will, you have to physically, emotionally, spiritually and energetically met these need within yourself internally, so that your choice and decision is not inference by these needs. Make sense?

If you are still in lacking of these qualities within you then you will bend over and say “YES” when you really meant to say “NO!” This is because you are lacking this love and acceptance within. You will be blocked by your fears of lacking or safety and security to move forward when you are guide to take action because you don’t feel safe or secure. This makes you feel stuck physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and energetically, feel restless and unsettled, feel something is not right, and don’t feel good, safe, secure, or in control of your life…

Yes, these are the THREE most powerful human emotions you must receive and have them met within internally:

Otherwise, you will seek every means and ways to have them met. Unfortunately, many of them will have other than positive effects on your body, your mind, your emotions, your spiritual growth, as well as your relationships, your finances, and your spiritual work. Yes, it affects all areas of your life.

An important note here! These emotions affect how you RECEIVE, including love, money, prosperity, abundance, support, and much more… it through you out of balance within and without in all areas of your life.

On this second day, we are going to work with these PARTS of you – your sub personality – to re-programming, re-write your past experience. Most likely these emotions are rooted in your earlier childhood, which could very likely relate to your past lives!

You might very likely know because some of the patterns that have been showing up in your life over and over and over again, right? You just have not found a way to clear them or to move beyond them, or just get rid of them. Or you might not aware of them and they are hidden and that could be the energetic blockages you experience for complete your mission here on earth with ease...

Here is a sample of what you will be experiencing and receiving:

Day – Sunday 12.23.2012

Wow! A day of finally re-claiming the glory of your divine feminine! reunion and balance your divine feminine and your divine masculine, and receiving initiation for a NEW tribe of “Divine-Human!”  (Note: It doesn’t matter whether you are male or female; you have feminine and masculine within EACH FIBER of your being!)


One of the biggest myths is that we believe life is about work. For so long, I believed that life is about work. I had no fun or pleasure in my life, but work, work, work, and more work as a reward of doing a good work, right? I was a totally workaholic. Can you relate to this?

Feminine energy is about intuition, flow, joyous, playfulness, fun, pleasure, expression, creativity, creation, manifestation, and receiving. This is part of who you are, your essence. If your life is not an expression of the essence that is YOU, than your life becomes stagnated, dull, and not healing, nurturing and rejuvenating for you. This is part of self-love to allow you to feel loved.

If you feel you are over worked, over booked, over obligated to others, and not have time to cultivate your personal needs than likely that you are not express and experience these feminine qualities that are so healing and nurturing to your heart, body, mind, emotions and your entire being.

These behaviors are very common and are rooted socially and culturally. Especially women, we feel guilty for having pleasure in our body, for having time for ourselves, for taking care of our own deep heart’s desires and our own body’s needs, and for doing something just to play and be playful. We feel we need to take care of everyone else and so on, right?

This is because we have been living in an overly male controlled society. Feminine essence and qualities are not valued, not respected, and not promoted. These are rooted in our psyche and deep within us. It is time now to re-write these rules in your mind, your heart, your emotions, your body, and on all levels of your being so that you can be completely healed within. This is a critical for bring true peace, harmony, love into humanity and planet earth.

Part of the masculine qualities are important that is divinely but not overly emphasized for its importance and without balanced with your feminine qualities. It is the YINs and YUNGs that must be balanced and reunion-ed for its rightful place so you can truly express and experience the divine that is YOU moment to moment and day in and day out in your everyday life experience!

Here is a sample of what you will be experiencing and receiving:

One more very important thing for you to be aware, this entire Galactic Illumination event is about working with the divine energy, the Galactic Core Energy of Oneness. It is assisted with all your guides, angles, light beings, and ascended masters, divine mothers, Goddesses, divine feminine, and so on throughout the entire event and BEYOND. It is all about replacing low dense energy of illusions, pains, and DUALITY with high vibration NEW energy of ONENESS, the true essence of who you are! Re-seeding, re-activating, re-energizing your divinity and prepare you for living as a divine being and as a living example of NEW race of humanity to hold these energy for many others who will join you and for humanity and planet earth – a peaceful, harmonious, and enlightened humanity and planet earth.

It is your HONOR to be called to join this Galactic Illumination Concert and Awakening Celebration Retreat! Yes, indeed dear one, it is your honor and you knew who you are deepen within you! This is your celebration and your preparation for accomplishing your mission you have been waiting for! Your presence is important not just for you personally and it is indeed – yes!!! And for the entire humanity and planet earth!!!

PLUS...These Awesome BONUSES:

"30-Minute Group Healing Session with YinPing" (Value $500)

YinPing is the embodiment of divine feminine energy. Her radiant vibration will help you fall in love with yourself. Just being in YinPing’s energy field helps you to understand how to step into this energy for yourself.

"Divine Prosperity" (Value $495)

Prosperity is your divine birthright! Prosperity allows you to express and experience the Divine that IS YOU!

This program teaches you how to re-align yourself and all areas of your life so you can be the prosperous being that you truly are. This allows the money to show up in your life effortlessly through aligned, authentic action. No more chasing the money! No more ‘lack’ in your vocabulary!


Why This Is A Rare Opportunity Once In A Life-time?

Energetically speaking, this timing of Galactic Illumination, and its position in humanity’s evolution history will not be exactly repeated again! As well as the height of your spiritual growth, your vibration, and your consciousness are ready and aligned for this once in a life-time ILLUMINATION, ACTIVATION, AND INITIATION…beyond words…beyond knowing…beyond explanation…

NOTE: This event will be limited to an intimate group of soul who are called to attend that is divinely numbered…and you will be working with your guides, my guides, and all the divine helpers intimately the minute you registered for the event and for whole event and beyond…higher guides might come through for you for your mission, your love, your pleasure, your delight, and much more for YOU!.


Your Galactic Illumination Concert And Awakening Celebration Retreat will be held at one of the most magnificent and powerful Energy Vertex of our planet, Enchantment Resort in Sedona, Arizona. This is a place of magical and divine. As I was guided to show up in Sedona just few weeks again, and then was guided to show up in the Enchantment Resort that Sunday night. As I was approaching the Enchantment and as those red rock formations showed in my view, instantly, I felt its radiant energy, its wisdom, its beauty, its infinity, and its message. As if they are saying to me, “Welcome home, my beloved one!” I felt its warms, its healing, its love, its comfort, and its protection like a mother. And I know and you know why this one of the most important event in our history has to take place in a place like this!

Being in the presence of this magnificent place alone will uplifting your spirit, raising your vibration, opening your heart, relaxing your body and your mind to support you moving into the state for the amazing shifting, transformation and receiving the spiritual advancement and higher level of expression and experience of the divinity that is your divine self!

There is so much more than what I can share with you here. You will experience all the magic and all the intimate feelings when you show up with your presence. Your heart and soul knows this!

Where Will You Stay?


We also secured a phenomenal sleeping room rate of $185 per night plus resort fees and tax at this luxurious, 5-star world class destination spa resort. You will feel as if you are coming home, so beautiful, so comforting, and so healing. This is a magic place for an effortless transformation and rebirthing. Once you register for the event, all the registration details will be emailed to you.

Share a sleeping room to reduce your expenses? We’ll create a room-sharing list and put you in touch with other guests who’d like to share a room. Just email us at support@galacticillumination.com  with “Galactic Illumination Room Sharing” in the subject line.

Love to Spa, Swim or Work Out?

Love to Spa

Mii amo, a destination spa, honors guests on a journey of transformation and exploration in a nurturing and authentic environment. Inspired by the rich wisdom and traditions of the Native American people, complemented by the beauty and energy of the Red Rocks, this Sedona spa retreat offers a luxurious spa experience where guests can find balance and harmony in the breathtaking Boynton Canyon. You can also work out in a deluxe, fully-equipped gym or swim in the private, adult-only pool to allow your body to feel the flow of the divine feminine energy.


“Galactic Illumination Concert And Awakening Celebration Retreat” will take place Thursday Night, December 20th through Sunday, December 23rd.

You will want to fly into Phoenix International Airport no later than Thursday noon or earlier afternoon, December 20th and plan to leave the property no earlier than 3:30 PM on Sunday, December 23rd.

What Is The Schedule?

What Are The Food Options?

Food Options

When you arrive on Thursday, meals are on your own. But, we will have delicious food for you at the welcome soul dancing reception.

On Friday, breakfast, lunch buffet, and a group dinner will be served right on site in a beautiful setting, specially prepared for you.

On Saturday and Sunday, breakfast and a lunch buffet will be served in a gorgeous setting with red rocks surrounding you!

Saturday evening, dinner is on your own. This is a perfect time to network with your fellow light workers.

NOTE: Vegetarian options are available. And 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches, and a dinner are included with your registration!

What Is The Investment?

Until December 9, you can attend for ONLY $1997, but don’t delay and register now.
NOTE: The full ticket price will go as high as $2997.

Want a Friend/Business Colleague/Partner ticket for just $1497?

I often have to travel alone – yet I enjoy traveling so much more when I can do it with the people I love and trust! Therefore, I’m offering you the option of bringing a business colleague, partner or member of your team to “Galactic Illumination” for only an additional $1497 with a spacious double occupancy room.

Yes, you read that right! I want you to be able to share this with the people who support you the most because I’ve seen over and over again how vital their being aligned with you can be to your success.

Imagine having someone you care about or love or important person who can truly support your journey to receive the same kind of spiritual growth, illumination, healing, nurturing, transformation, and awakening as you do? They will be ever thankful for offering this life change experience and at the same time they will become someone who can understand your mission, passion, gifts, and who you really are, and support you on the level that really empowers you personally and professionally to full your dreams and mission purpose here on earth in this lifetime!

Note: Only ONE GUEST Ticket allowed per regular ticket purchase. Please email us at support@GalacticIllumination.com with subject line “Guest Ticket!” As soon as we receive your request we will email you a link for your guest registration

"I had the good fortune of being interviewed by Yin Ping Li on her video show for her audience of over 2,000,000 Chinese viewers. Then, she honored myself and our YourPurpose community by being a Gold Sponsor at our annual Gifted 2012.

At Gifted, Yin Ping Li shared her story about the creation of the "Galactic Illumination" event and how it would clear out old patterns to allow in the light vibration now activating here on planet Earth.

The moment I heard her voice, I KNEW I had to be there. I actually re-arranged my schedule to be there. I am inviting EVERYONE I honor and respect to become a unique member of the tribe of 144.

I do hope YOU will join us.

And when you hear YinPing sing, your crown chakra is going to be blown open wide. Her voice makes me cry with peace and love... it is like coming home.

I can't wait to see YOU on December 21, 2012 in Sedona, Arizona!!!

Baeth Davis,
The Palm Pilot for the Soul of Your Business(tm)

"When asked how she was guided to join us for the Galactic Illumination Event, Linda Rose said…

"I have to say that it is a miracle in a way that I found you or, one might say divine intervention, because a couple of weeks ago I went to bed and all night long I was tossing and turning and the question in my mind or in my soul, as I was doing some journey travel was 'what was I going to do December 21, where am I going to go, there are so many options.' When I got up there wasn’t really a defined answer so I made my morning tea and meditated and the phone rang…it was one of my dearest friends Kathleen who said ‘We’re going to Sedona for December 21’ and explained to me about how she came about meeting you and knowing you so she sent me the link, I looked at the video, and I signed us up. It was just adorable because I just honored when the phone call came in that this is what I was supposed to do because I was in question all night long.

I am excited to be part of this time and space and illumination.

Linda Rose
Intuitive Coach, Alchemical Hypnotherapist
Founder & President of Intuitive Coaching, Inc.
When I met YinPing, there was such a strong resonance. We had some private time to feel the powerful connection we have and to connect through Higher Wisdom. I feel so drawn to Sedona as well. To combine being in Sedona in December with YinPing and the others who are attending, fills me with joy. And I want to be with others who are supporting the transition time on this planet, as we are doing day-by-day right now.

Pamelah Landers,
"Relationship Success is in Your Hands"
Master Hand Analyst
International Author
It was my birthday last Tuesday, and after my morning meditation, I checked my email. I was thrilled to discover that my great friend and spiritual mentor Yin Ping Li had sent me an invitation to her December 20-23 celebration! I thought to myself, WOW, this is the best birthday gift ever! The vibrations in my spine confirmed the joy that I felt inside, that lightness of being we all feel when we are being guided toward something magnificent that our soul wants to delight in. I had turned down previous invitations because I didn't want to take part in a huge experience where I thought I would feel insignificant. I just wanted a more intimate gathering. My soul answered the call in its own perfect timing, as it always does. I know where I will be celebrating on 12-21-12, will you join us?

Karen Andersen,
Intuitive Healing Coach
I was shocked, upon receiving a personal call from Yin Ping, inviting me to join her up coming event The Galactic Illumination and Awakening Celebration Retreat. I was privileged to have taken Yin Ping's course "Awakening the Divine Feminine Within". It helped open me to the wonders and beauty of my sacred feminine, altering my life forever. Now the opportunity has come forth once again to deepen, strengthen and connect on all levels, with the Infinite Essence of the Divine God/Goddess, uniting & healing our vibratory energies of Oneness, as we walk into the New World, where heartfelt LOVE will be expressed in it's fullest. In my excitement, I wish to thank Yin Ping, for being my feminine, spiritual "gifted" mentor, who truly holds the Divine Energy of the Feminine Goddess.....


My Money-Back, No Risk, No Hassle Guarantee!

I’m so sure that “Galactic Illumination Concert And Awakening Celebration Retreat” will be unlike ANY event you’ve ever attended before, bringing you a galactic core energy of oneness that ONLY occur once in 26,000 years, it will melt your heart and bring you tears for the deep recognition of who you are, touch your soul so deep that you finally remembered your essence, feel the love that you have never felt before, receive the nourishment you have never received before, and experience the pure joy that is beyond this world none like you have experienced before, that I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is. If by the end of the FIRST DAY, you don’t agree that “Galactic Illumination Concert And Awakening Celebration Retreat” is the event you have been LONG waiting for and it doesn’t meet your expectation, please quietly turn in your event materials if there is any to the back table and we will issue a full refund plus $440 in documented travel expenses for your trouble, no questions asked.

So… Are You Ready to Say “YES!” to Your Soul’s Divine Guidance and Receive the Spiritual Healing, Clearing, Activation, Illumination, and Alignment with the Galactic Core Energy of Oneness? So That You Can Experience and Express Your Soul Essence in All Areas of Your Life…Effortlessly!!!

"Yes, I'm ready to receive the HONOR of MY spiritual awakening, activation, and illumination as holder of LIGHT and TRUTH to serve myself, humanity and planet earth!!!”

When I register in this once in a lifetime Galactic Illumination Concert and Awakening Celebration Retreat, at the Enchantment Resort Spa, Sedona
Arizona, December 20-23, 2012,
I will receive:
  • 3 day event from Friday, Saturday, and Sunday December 21, 22, and 23 of 2012 at the Enchantment Resort Spa, Sedona
  • Plus Thursday December 20, 2012, evening welcoming Soul Dancing Reception
  • And Friday night December 21, 2012, evening Galactic Illumination Concert
  • 3 delicious breakfast prepared for you onsite
  • 3 yummy lunch served for you onsite
  • Welcoming Soul Dancing Reception
  • Plus, Galactic Illumination Celebration Dinner

PLUS... These Awesome BONUSES

  • 30 min group healing (value $500). Her radiant vibration will help you fall in love with yourself. Just being in YinPing’s energy field helps you to understand how to step into this energy for yourself.
  • "Divine Prosperity" (Value $495) Prosperity is your divine birthright! It’s time to reclaim the prosperous self that is YOU allows you to express and experience the Divine that IS YOU!

Note: A friend ticket to share room for only $1497 (Please email support to receive the registration link.)

I understand Galactic Illumination… comes with YinPing’s 100% My
Money Back, No Risk, No Hassle Guarantee!

1-Pay Option of $1997 (BEST DEAL!)

Add To Cart

Are you ready to wake-up to your true essence, live as a “Divine-Human” you were designed to be, and let-go of everything that is holding you back? I thought so!

I can’t wait to see you in Sedona this December!

To Your Glorious, Magnificent, and Beautiful Infinite Being!

Love and Light,

YinPing Li

P.S. Remember, trust your gut feeling, listen to the voice of your heart, not the ego’s reasoning why you can’t! Don’t delay and claim your spot at this rare opportunity that occurs once in a 26,000 years! Don’t miss out! You are called to be there! Decide now and take action! Than the universe will support you. So, don’t Miss out! Register now click here.

P.P.S. Also, when you register, be sure to claim your Guest Ticket by emailing support@galacticillumination.com with subject line, “Guest Ticket”. You are giving a gift of enlightening a heart and soul, so don’t delay the seats are limited! Register now click here.

P.P.P.S. Also, when you register, be sure to claim your Guest Ticket by emailing support@galacticillumination.com with subject line, “Guest Ticket”. You are giving a gift of enlightening a heart and soul, so don’t wait and the seats are sold out soon! Register now click here.

P.P.P.S. After we receive your registration, you will be emailed all the important event details. If you have ANY questions, contact Customer Support at support@GalicticIllumination.com Or call us at (888) 495-7278.


We're happy to help make your decision to attend the Galactic Illumination Concert And Awakening Celebration Retreat an easy one. Just fill the following box with your name, email, and your questions, we will be happy to talk to you personally and help you to make decision that is aligned with your heart’s desire.


I met Ping at a recent conference in California where she had a display booth about her business and upcoming Galactic Illumination Concert and Awakening Celebration Retreat. I was immediately drawn to Ping’s booth because it talked about healing and healing was what I felt I most needed at that moment. I dropped off my business card to each booth at the conference and was surprised and delighted to find out that my card was drawn as the winner of a 30-minute free healing session with Ping! We met that evening and she walked me through a guided meditation to facilitate and help activate my own healing energy within me. It was an emotional experience as some old memories emerged and were brought to the surface, acknowledged and then let go. I felt lighter from the experience, as though a weight had been lifted from my shoulders.

s I learned more from Ping about her Retreat in December, I decided to attend the retreat, as it is focused on awakening and healing our inner selves and bringing the light and love of that healing energy to all of humanity and to our planet. I think the awakening and healing work Ping is doing is important and needed at this critical time in our lives.

Peg Roach Loyd
Singer-Songwriter, Musician, Author

"Coming to know YinPing middle of October 2012 through an event called New Life Expo in NYC. was really great for me. I was there as a vendor with my friend who was promoting her products. I turned around and there she was standing on the other side of the table from me. She handed me a card about her upcoming Galactic Illumination Retreat and talked about the event. At that time every cell in my body vibrated with what people call confirmation chills; which doesn't happened to me that often. We are from the Midwest and it was a miracle to me to make the connection because I was looking to do something special for the occasion..."

Shari Broviak

Hi Ping, You are correct that the Earth Mother, Gaia wants me to attend your conference, and I just signed up.

This event is well thought of in the other realms. I've been given a contact to the Galactic Council for this. The contact will be with me through the end of the event. They had this to say about my attendance:

"We greet you and we thank you for your questions. We are the Galactic Council. You will bring a much needed note of grounding to this conference. Grounding to the planet. You will show many who attend how to be here on planet earth, and reach to the stars. All our love."

And Gaia has this to say:

"I greet you and I thank you for doing this. You and Ping Li will be working together for many, many years. This conference provides a way for the two of you to interact, and to take an assessment of each other. She needs to understand your point of view, that you are the driver, and that you have a choice in all things. You need to understand her point of view that the divine can assist you if you allow it to do so. All my love."

In addition to the contact to the Galactic Council, I bring with me Gaia, and the nature kingdoms.

I am looking forward to this.

With love,
Joy Furuta

"To be in the right place with the right people and in the right frequency on 12212012 is paramount for it will set the stage of how you enter the New Kingdom."

"Having been initiated by Q'ero elders in the high mountains of the Andes, I've prepared myself for this special date since over a decade. My original intention was to be in ceremony with my spiritual lineage that day. Then out of the blue Yin Ping Li popped into my life, telling me that her guides urged her to contact me, and that I needed to be at her event and bring my soul mates, clients and spiritual allies too. I quickly realized that her Galactic Illumination event is truly divinely orchestrated and that her spiritual vision is all encompassing and lining up exquisitely with what I know to be true in my deepest core. Furthermore I experienced Yin Ping at Baeth's event Gifted, and what can I say—her ecstatic enlightenment is not only authentic and palpable, it's infectious!

The Q'ero paqos say that on December 21, 2012 we will formally step into the New Kingdom. How can we step into this New Realm of Energy if we're not elevating ourselves to be in an enlightened place, filled with radiant souls, joy, beauty and abundance? Yin Ping's invitation is giving you that and more—at the Enchantment Resort in Sedona nonetheless. If you are feeling the calling, show up for it—for this is truly a once-in-a-millennium opportunity. My husband and I will be there with bells on, and can't wait to dance into the new era together with you!"

Sabine Messner
The Wizard Of Soul Purpose Branding

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